I’m offering sensitivity reader services

I’m offering my services as a sensitivity reader for writers writing outside their experience.

Here are the areas where I can offer my services:

  • I’m asexual (grayasexual, to be specific)
  • I’m aromantic (demiromantic, to be specific)
  • I’m a agender transmasculine person.
  • I’m a white Brazilian who lives in Salvador (I can’t and won’t be a reader for Black/dark-skinned or Asian Brazilians though – I’m white here).

If you need someone to read & offer critique of your manuscript you can contact me at ren_oliveira at outlook dot com. I’m only a sensitivity reader though – no story or writing criticism from me if not related to my ace/aro/transness & experience as a Brazilian person.

We can talk about the pay rates when you contact me. I read fantasy, sci-fi and romance.


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