I’m accepting donations

Short version: my laptop is dead and I need it to work and to write, so I’m asking for donations. I already have half of what I need to buy a new one & I will probably get more money soon, but I still need around $200. If you want to donate, please send me your email (by commenting here or DMing me on Twitter, where you can find at @_renoliveira, or on Tumblr, where I’m veretian-prince) & how much you want to donate and I will request a payment through paypal (I have a personal account, and it apparently doesn’t accept money without a request, but you don’t need to have a paypal account). Anything helps. Seriously. Also, if you need someone to beta read your stuff or to be a sensitivity reader, I’m willing to do that for any amount of money (I’m aromantic & asexual, agender & transmasculine, and brazilian, so if you have a character who is any of those I could help you).

Long version: my father lost his job back in december and because of that my family is going through some hard times. Me, my brother & my mom go to uni, so we spend a lot on education every month. I do some freelance editing in Portuguese and that was kind of helping for some time, but unfortunately my laptop died last week so now I’m stuck with two manuscripts I need to finish editing soon and, of course, I’m unable to accept more clients

A new laptop costs around R$ 2.000 which is more or less $550. I already have (or will have soon) (I hope) R$ 1.000 or $275, and I’m trying to sell what is left of my old laptop to get more money, but even if I do manage do sell it, I still won’t have enough to buy a new one.

(My phone is also on its final days, so yeah, I apparently offended some technology god by mistake.)

Like i said, I do some freelance editing in Portuguese. I’m not confident enough in my English to offer the service to English-speaking people, but if you need a beta reader or a sensitivity reader (or both) & if you donate anything, I’m your person. Just send me your e-mail & how much you want to donate and I will send a request (if you want me to beta read your stuff or be a sensitivity reader, just say so and we will talk)

I’m currently using a very old laptop that my mom is going to buy (where half of that R$ 1.000 comes from), but it doesn’t even have Word, so really, anything helps, esp because the dollar is really expensive right now so $5 = almost R$20.

If you have any doubts or suggestions or anything, just comment here or talk to me on Twitter (I’m @_renoliveira). Thanks for reading.


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