Thank you

As you guys probably already know, my laptop died a few months and I asked for donations to buy a new one. This Thursday, with the money from the donations + what I got from selling what was left of my old laptop + some help from my parents, I finally bought a new one. It’s a really good laptop that, honestly, I hope will last at least five years. Buying it was hard.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who donated or retweeted my tweets/fundraiser. I use my laptop for many things, including to do some freelance editing, for my uni stuff and, of course, to write. And I missed being able to write. I’m a fan of writing longhand, but I still use the laptop a lot, especially at night, and being without one for so long made me realize I absolutely need to write to feel good. I’m already working on the second draft of my NaNo 2015 project. I hope to get it done by the end of the year.

I hope I’ll be able to repay the community in the future. Again, thank you.


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