Review: Glass Tidings by Amy Jo Cousins

32471483Eddie Rodrigues doesn’t stay in one place long enough to get attached. The only time he broke that rule, things went south fast. Now he’s on the road again, with barely enough cash in his pocket to hop a bus south after his (sort-of-stolen) car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Midwest, USA.

He’s fine. He’ll manage. Until he watches that girl get hit by a car and left to die.

Local shop owner Grayson Croft isn’t in the habit of doing people any favors. But even a recluse can’t avoid everyone in a town as small as Clear Lake. And when the cop who played Juliet to your Romeo in the high school play asks you to put up her key witness for the night, you say yes.

Now Gray’s got a grouchy glass artist stomping around his big, empty house, and it turns out that he . . . maybe . . . kind of . . . likes the company.

But Eddie Rodrigues never sticks around.

Unless a Christmas shop owner who hates the season can show an orphan what it means to have family for the holidays.

ARC acquired through Netgalley.

I liked Glass Tidings, but my enjoyment of it suffered a little thanks to my (wrong) expectations of it. When I read the blurb I thought the mystery of who ran over the girl would be a bigger part of the story, and well… it wasn’t. So I was very confused for the first 30% or so (and honestly a bit disappointed, because I would love read a story about queer people investigating stuff). That was my mistake, but it affected my opinion of the book anyway.

Glass Tidings is a fun story, though, with excellent characters. Both Eddie and Gray were really well developed & the writing managed to bring them to life. It took me some time to warm up to their relationship, but by the end of the book I was completely invested. I just wish the book was longer, because the latter half felt a little too rushed and I would like it more if there had been more… I don’t know, intimate moments (not sex) between them. I wanted to see more of how they worked together.

In conclusion, Glass Tidings is a good Christmas story even for those who don’t care much about Christmas (or for those who live where Christmas happens on summer and therefore can’t relate to all the talk about snow) like me. 3.5 stars.


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