Writing Diary #03 – Quick update!

I know, it’s been a long time since I last posted about my progress on #aroaceprincess’s first draft. Those who follow me on Twitter (@_renoliveira) probably already know I finished rewriting the first act last month (yes, I know my last writing diary post back in June was about rewriting the first act, too) and that now I’m preparing to edit it before going back to rewriting the second act. And well, to be honest, I’ve been procrastinating. I’m afraid of reading what I wrote in January and hating it and then wanting to rewrite it again.

And believe me when I say I just can’t rewrite this book’s first act anymore. Not until I have the whole second draft done, at least. I think I’ve rewritten it three or four times, and I’m getting a bit sick of it. I want to move on to the rest of the story already.

So I’m spending my time now reading books on writing or just reading in general when I should be editing/revising what I wrote. I know myself. I lose a lot of time procrastinating just because, so I decided to start posting my progress here again. Maybe that will “force” me to edit this thing and to, you know, keep editing and writing. I want to finish this second draft this year. I’ve been writing this story for over an year already, which is a bit worrying – I tend to spend a lot of time in projects just too move on to something different before finishing them and I really want to finish this one.

My main goal right now is too make the first act shorter. Not sure if I’ll manage to do it, but currently it is 32.902 words long, which is… too much. I can’t delete any scenes without losing important stuff, so my approach will be trying to delete words, phrases, etc, instead. My second goal (which is just as important as the main one, I guess) is to polish the writing aka try to fix my main weakness. I feel like I’m not getting my characters’ voice right, which is kinda important.

I’ll try to update the blog with my writing progress at least once a week. Not sure how long it will take me to edit the first act, but I hope it isn’t much – maybe too weeks at most? I guess we will see.


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