Writing Diary #04 – On to the second act!

So, I finished editing/revising the first nine chapters (plus prologue) aka the first act of my current wip, #aroaceprincess. I’m actually quite pleased with myself for this – I worked on this wip every single day since my last update and managed to fix a lot of stuff I knew was wrong, plus to find & fix some other problems that arose along the way. Mind you, these nine chapters + prologue aren’t finished finished by any means – I still have to polish the writing, get the characters’ voices right, stuff like that.

To be honest, I was planning on doing all of this in this rewrite, but I quickly realized that would cost me a lot of time, and well, remember when I said I was sick to death of rewriting this first act? Yeah. I don’t want to burn out, so I’ll leave these things for the next round of edits/revision, which will probably happen when I’m done with the rewrite of the whole book.

So I’m basically planning on doing a rewrite with pauses to edit what I wrote every 9/10 chapters (roughly every 25% of the book) and then on doing an extensive round of edits/revision. On the rewrite I’ll fix  (or try to) the plot, the structure, the characters, the relationships (that is, the meat of the story) and on the edits I’ll be working on the writing itself, on the characters’ voice, on keeping everything flowing as they should, that kind of thing.

Today I drafted the outline of the first half of the second act (the next 10 chapters). It was easier than I thought it’d be, but it was still a bit tiring, mostly because this story changed so much since I wrote the first draft, and even more since I wrote the old outline for the rewrite that I had to move a lot of stuff around, discard some ideas and even delete two characters. But now I’m confident that the story will *finally* work.

Tomorrow I’ll probably start planning the scenes/chapters, but I don’t think I’ll start writing until Friday, when Carnaval begins here (which means I’ll have a few days off uni to work on #aroaceprincess).

So, that’s it! I’m pretty happy with my progress so far and I hope I manage to keep working on this story daily. See you guys next wek!

(PS: Remember how I said the first act was 32.902 words long and that I needed to make it shorter? Well, now it’s 35.782 words long, which means I managed to make it *longer*. No, I have no idea of what I’m doing anymore).


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