Writing Diary #05 -Planning, planning, planning…

Okay, first of all, I have to do admit that I only worked on #aroaceprincess in the last two days, which means that most of my week was spent doing nothing but going to uni (it was a tiring week, in my defense). Still, I managed to plan the next ten chapters of the story (aka the first half of the second act) and am now ready to begin writing again, which is a bit intimidating. Like I said before, I rewrote #aroaceprincess’s first act three, almost four times, but I only wrote the rest of the book once, back on NaNoWriMo 2015.

I think I’ll do all right, though. I have a good outline/plan, and, what I think is just as important, I’m excited to write the next chapters. Sometimes I get all these doubts about this story because it’s the first I’m writing in English, the first I’m writing with all queer characters’ identities on the page, and it’s so different from everything I’ve ever tried to write. I’m a fantasy adventure kind of person, and #aroaceprincess has very little travel, quests or big battles. It does have monsters and it does have people fighting monsters, but most of the story is basically people talking, discovering things and solving mysteries.

Which… is extremely hard for me to write, apparently.

I have a trick, though. Every time I get these doubts I ask myself, “would I like to read this story? Would I get excited about it as a reader? It’s something I want to read?” and for now, the answer is yes. This helps a lot.

So, I think I’ll start writing again tomorrow or Tuesday. My deadline is April 3rd, so I have 35 days or so to write more or less 35.000 words. Wish me luck & see you guys next week!


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