Hello, everyone! I know I haven’t posted in a long time (sorry!), but I came here to announce that I finalized made a Patreon! There I will post short stories, snippets from my WIPs, flash fiction, reviews, scene studies and character studies, plus an artwork here or there. You can check it out here!

I will still post three reviews on this blog (Silver ScalesCurved Horizon and Furyborn) but from now on all my reviews on be on my Patreon. You can check them out by pledging only 1$!

That’s it, I guess. I’ll be posting a preview of every reward I’ll offer on my Patreon this week and will link it here too.


On oppression and being normal

Happy Arospec Awareness Week, everyone! I was planning on posting here almost daily during this week, but a medicine I’m taking knocked me off and left too exhausted to do anything but drag myself to uni. But here it is, my first (of three, at least) post for #ArospecAwarenessWeek!

One of the arguments used by aphobes against the inclusion of aromantic (and asexual) people in the community is that there are no laws against us, therefore we face no oppression (which isn’t the truth – in some countries, for example, marriages can be annulled if they aren’t consummated, that is, if the couple doesn’t have sex). This is a simplistic view of oppression – gay, trans, bi, pan, etc, people aren’t just oppressed because there are laws against them (or laws that don’t protect them), though that is of course part of it. They are oppressed because society sees them (us) as lesser and treats them accordingly to this view, pushing them to the margins of society, arguing that their ~way of living~ is wrong and sinful and unnatural. It’s because they aren’t part of the dominant group, not only because there are laws against them.

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Thank you

As you guys probably already know, my laptop died a few months and I asked for donations to buy a new one. This Thursday, with the money from the donations + what I got from selling what was left of my old laptop + some help from my parents, I finally bought a new one. It’s a really good laptop that, honestly, I hope will last at least five years. Buying it was hard.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who donated or retweeted my tweets/fundraiser. I use my laptop for many things, including to do some freelance editing, for my uni stuff and, of course, to write. And I missed being able to write. I’m a fan of writing longhand, but I still use the laptop a lot, especially at night, and being without one for so long made me realize I absolutely need to write to feel good. I’m already working on the second draft of my NaNo 2015 project. I hope to get it done by the end of the year.

I hope I’ll be able to repay the community in the future. Again, thank you.

I’m accepting donations

Short version: my laptop is dead and I need it to work and to write, so I’m asking for donations. I already have half of what I need to buy a new one & I will probably get more money soon, but I still need around $200. If you want to donate, please send me your email (by commenting here or DMing me on Twitter, where you can find at @_renoliveira, or on Tumblr, where I’m veretian-prince) & how much you want to donate and I will request a payment through paypal (I have a personal account, and it apparently doesn’t accept money without a request, but you don’t need to have a paypal account). Anything helps. Seriously. Also, if you need someone to beta read your stuff or to be a sensitivity reader, I’m willing to do that for any amount of money (I’m aromantic & asexual, agender & transmasculine, and brazilian, so if you have a character who is any of those I could help you).

Long version: my father lost his job back in december and because of that my family is going through some hard times. Me, my brother & my mom go to uni, so we spend a lot on education every month. I do some freelance editing in Portuguese and that was kind of helping for some time, but unfortunately my laptop died last week so now I’m stuck with two manuscripts I need to finish editing soon and, of course, I’m unable to accept more clients

A new laptop costs around R$ 2.000 which is more or less $550. I already have (or will have soon) (I hope) R$ 1.000 or $275, and I’m trying to sell what is left of my old laptop to get more money, but even if I do manage do sell it, I still won’t have enough to buy a new one.

(My phone is also on its final days, so yeah, I apparently offended some technology god by mistake.)

Like i said, I do some freelance editing in Portuguese. I’m not confident enough in my English to offer the service to English-speaking people, but if you need a beta reader or a sensitivity reader (or both) & if you donate anything, I’m your person. Just send me your e-mail & how much you want to donate and I will send a request (if you want me to beta read your stuff or be a sensitivity reader, just say so and we will talk)

I’m currently using a very old laptop that my mom is going to buy (where half of that R$ 1.000 comes from), but it doesn’t even have Word, so really, anything helps, esp because the dollar is really expensive right now so $5 = almost R$20.

If you have any doubts or suggestions or anything, just comment here or talk to me on Twitter (I’m @_renoliveira). Thanks for reading.

I’m offering sensitivity reader services

I’m offering my services as a sensitivity reader for writers writing outside their experience.

Here are the areas where I can offer my services:

  • I’m asexual (grayasexual, to be specific)
  • I’m aromantic (demiromantic, to be specific)
  • I’m a agender transmasculine person.
  • I’m a white Brazilian who lives in Salvador (I can’t and won’t be a reader for Black/dark-skinned or Asian Brazilians though – I’m white here).

If you need someone to read & offer critique of your manuscript you can contact me at ren_oliveira at outlook dot com. I’m only a sensitivity reader though – no story or writing criticism from me if not related to my ace/aro/transness & experience as a Brazilian person.

We can talk about the pay rates when you contact me. I read fantasy, sci-fi and romance.